You can KNOW FOR SURE that you'll go to God's perfect, peaceful heaven (1 John 5:13)

AND have life more abundantly here on earth (John 10:10). Scroll down for more.

Yo, click below to e-mail us, we want to hear - and reply to - questions, comments, suggestions for our site, and anything else on your mind.

Skate rally, Nov. 20, $1 to enter, 10 AM to noon, bring people to hear the Gospel

Taste and see the Lord is good" (Ps. 34:8) Since March, 2020 we sent series of devotionals to regulars; read them in pages starting here (click ice cream cone for page 1)

See below for other prayer requests - including how you can help with a van.

Watch the Lamb - drama, in church

Play of a bit over 30 min., kind of like one we see at Trinity Gospel Temple

"I've Just Seen Jesus," powerful Resurrection song.

Mary Magdealene's story, from a Passion Play, with above song.

Audio not as great so need good speaker.

A great, peppy song for Resurrection Sunday.


You are only a SINGLE, SINCERE PRAYER OF REPENTANCE away from life forever with Jesus in Heaven (John 3:16) and life more abundanly with Him here on earth.(John 10:10)

Each person has to do this on their own. I had to do this, too. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.(Heb. 11:6)


ADMIT you're a sinner, and fall short of God's perfect glory. Since you're not perfect you can't save yourself from your own sin


We couldn't, either. But, God's Word says you must simply...


BELIEVE with your heart that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh. He never sinned, yet He took our punishment for sin, when He died on the cross. Three days later, He rose from the dead.


If you've done A and B, all you need to do in that prayer is...


CHOOSE to CALL on Jesus by faith in Him alone to forgive you of all your sins. He will cleanse you from those sins, and make you new on the inside.

ARE YOU 100% SURE? Click the picture to learn more​

THANK YOU, Westminster Community Church, for your 3.5 years of support of our ministry!

Why the King James Bible?

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Read the Bible - click above (opens in new window)

Please pray for spiritual growth of youth, plus some special unspoken requests. One of our youth is in a foster home; we hope to sponsor her and 2 others at least to Camp CHOF. Pray we can sponsor even mroe kids in foster cafe to camp.


     If you can help us buy a newer used van or especially donating one, please contact us  All donations, including vehicles, are tax deductible.

Our van is vital for ministry activities as we help our youth make a difference for Jesus in their communities. Pray also for us to find more drivers.


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Note to parents - operating during this pandemic, disclaimer, etc.


Dear parent,


We are so thankful that you have stuck with us as we have been sending devotionals through the mail to our youth. We are considering ways to slowly open Youthquake back up safely to actual interpersonal interaction in a small group or groups.

We are still considering what this will look like. Back in February, we had no idea April would end up like it did, so we're sure you understand the uncertainty. There are, however, things of which we can be certain besides the obvious of the goodness and guidance our Lord Jesus Christ through all of this.

First, we are committed to making sure you and your children are safe as best we can. We can't guarantee that they won't get COVID-19 or pass it on to others, and we are not liable for any infection they or any other member of your family might receive. However,  we do promise to use proper safety measures as laid out by the CDC - wearing masks, washing hands consistently, and so on. Masks will be required for the time being - if you don't know where to get reusable masks, there are good videos on YouTube, simply search for DIY No Sew Face masks.

Second, we understand you may not feel comfortable yet allowing your child/children to come to Youthquake with other youth. It is your responsibility to calculate the risk and decide whether you want to let your child/children come.  We promise that if someone doesn't come because of health concerns, they will not lose their seat on the Youthquake van. We will continue to send small devotionals to any child who is kept home for health reasons during this crisis. We also encourage viewing online churches, we will provide recommendations if desired. Cool Kids Ministries for preteens and younger has great thigns in their Kidz Storm Live on Facebook and YouTube.


We may also be able to do Zoom meetings. If we do give you a password for one it is vital you not give it out on social media, though inviting others is okay with our approval, that way we keep the meetings secure from those who might try to disrupt them.

We understand that you may wish Youthquake to help you as a family, too. We may be able to do some small things for you, or perhaps visit with you as a family to encourage you and to pray and answer any questions that anyone might have. The Youthquake office is available for any questions - see Contact page for the number or for our e-mail addresses.

We are presently hoping to co-ordinate with Westminster Community Church as to when they will open. It is possible they will wait a few more weeks and we may have an activity outside in the park instead, or due to a lack of seats we may have to have club for one group of kids per week unless parents can step up and drive for us.

Again, this set of possible options shows that the situation is still fluid. However, we continue to trust in God to help us and give us peace as we look toward the future, and we pray you will, also. We are just a phone call or e-mail away if you have any needs or question.

NEW EVENT: Gospel Skate Rally Sept. 18, 10 AM to noon, at the North Canton Skate Rink, $1 per youth for admission.

Let your light shine - click on right for Evengelism Explosion video on developing testimony of what Jesus has done in your life. See page linked below for summary of questions.

YOUNG PEOPLE, DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE DEVIL'S LIE! See how God made you special where it matters, on the inside. Click image at left for keys to how God can be your strength through all the storms of life. Send us your ideas, too, We may use them on the page, too.

DON'T JUST TALK, LISTEN TO PEOPLE. At right, hear one person's biggest mistake and how to avoid it. To be the light of the world, you have to be willing to listen to their needs & share Gospel where they are.

Curious about spiritual growth? Click below for great online guides. Want someone to mentor you? Contact one of us.



Please pray for continued support, including increased monthly missionary support, and for more interns.


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To Youthquake Members and Prospective Members - A Great New Era Awaits


A vehicle is great to transport youth, and we're still on a first come, first serve basis there. Another thing which gives a sense of permanence is a location.

One night a week (Thursdays) for 3.5 years we had one, at 171 Aultman Ave. NW in Canton. Sadly, the building is closing, but God is still on the throne. Once this pandemic passes, we have plans for more growth and great activities for the youth of this area on Thursdays and Saturdays.

We'll also still have opportunities for young people to work as independent contractors with yards, etc. so they can learn how to run their own business..


We’ve got great plans as we try to reach our area with the Good News of God’s wondrous salvation, which is given freely to whosoever will come. After all, whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.


You can be part of God’s plan. How? Read on.


You can click above to join our Facebook group. Ask questions, share what God has done in your life, and bring other youth who may want to know Jesus or grow in Him.


While our minivan’s seating has to be set up in advance, and there’s a waiting list of youth who want to be saved, discipled, and growing in the Lord, you can always come to our activities with your own ride, though at times we'll need numbers in advance


You can get in touch with us to learn how to start prayer and devotion in your school. Even if you’re not in the area, through our e-mail we can guide you.


Though we no longer have our radio show, you can still e-mail us with questions. We’ve had visitors from other countries, we know God can use anyone, anywhere, just as He hears us and we can pray anywhere, anytime, about anything.


Remember that prayer changes things. It’s how God sustained us for 2.5 years without a van and for 31 years before that. That plus Godly living will attract people to you. We at Greater Canton Youthquake want to train you to minister to others. Just as our Lord Jesus Christ came to minister and to give His life, to pay the debt we could not pay for our sins, and to rise from the dead.


You may ask, “How can I minister?”


Have you called on Jesus Christ by faith to forgive you and save you from your sins? He lives in everyone who is saved through the Holy Spirit. He must be placed at the center of every ministry endeavor.If not, you can do so right now, the simple plan of salvation is listed at the left and expand on further on our R U Saved page.


We have begun the Youth Leaders Training Institute for youth who are saved and really have a heart for seeing their schools reached with the Gospel. Our goal is to have a Christian club in every high school in Stark County. You can be a part of that as a member, or as a student leader of one of these clubs. Young people can also have a cell group meet – we can help set it up with your parents or guardian – at your house which will encourage prayer and which will pray for the needs of others, among other things. As a YLTI youth we'll provide you with CDs of specific radio programs that we did, too - please see our Quest for Truth page. You can have them and give them out even if you’re not interested in YLTI. Why not let God use you to make a difference for Him?


Do you have less skill, less experience than we do? Yes, but you can draw from our experience. Remember the words of 1 Peter 3:15 when we are urged to be ready for those tough questions people ask? You can always call one of us, and you can always be sure that the Spirit will teach you what to say, even if that is to wait while you find an answer and then get back to that person – or have one of us call them.


You may say, “I have not lived for Him.” Then do so by recommitting your life today. The Lord has called you for such a time as this, so others may see an example of Jesus Christ. You are needed. Use the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23 to help. You need to represent Christ to the hurting, the weak, the one who does not have friends, who needs a helping hand or a gentle nudge in the right direction. You also are needed to be a representative of Christ to the bully, the popular, the one who seems to have it all, to help them see that this sinful world only has temporary pleasure.  However, what Jesus has to offer will last forever, just like He told the woman at the well (John 4). For we will be known by our love, and this community can only be won to Christ through our prayer and our letting Him use us for His glory.


We can show a Godly example to those who need Him by our actions. He can use you young people to go out and reach your community and your school for Him. You can be an example of Jesus Christ for others to follow.


So, please pray, read your Bible, and know He has not left you alone. God is faithful, and will bring us a van in His time. But, He has called you *now* to be His disciples, to walk worthy of His calling, to be used of Him to bring others to the Lord. Would you know how to lead someone to Christ? (ABC - Admit, Believe, Choose/call is a good way to remember, for instance.) Can you lead someone in that single, sincere prayer of repentance that they are away from eternal life? I know of people who have led friends to Christ as pre-teens, so it can be done, because it’s God doing the work. You just need to pray and let the Spirit guide you, while studying to know the material yourself, so you can live for God and be approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth.


So, pray and be active as followers of Jesus Christ. You are the Youthquake Ministry in action. Please, call us at anytime if you have a question or a prayer need. Our radio show's e-mail is Don't forget to tell your friends about our website.