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This book calls for a Repentance Revival through obedience to God and His Word. It outlines errors that colleges, professors, and pastors have allowed to creep into the church through the silence of leaders when it comes to the altering of God's Word. And, it exhorts everyone on how to fix this error by returning to the Presierved Word of God and imploring their churches and denominations to do the same.

About the author

Salvatore Varsalone is a United States Air Force veteran and has a B.A. in Religion. He lives in North Canton, Ohio with his longtime wife Susie.

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Sal has other books planned, too. Watch this space for details.


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Books by Doug Fowler

     Board member, Estate planning attorney, Online Missionary and Communily Leader Shepherd with Global Media Outreach, and author of several Print On Demand books.


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Visit a world where baseball was always integrated; see U.S. history play out, too.

Point of Departure - Union win at Chancellorsville

Brotherhood and Baseball:

Civil War ends early! Abraham Lincoln lives! Explore an eventful world with numerous twists and turns, as Lincoln's leniency leads to less Southern hostility toward the North. Can this and the integration of baseball from the start be enough to bring Civil Rights to America early in this alternate history? Can baseball really have the impact one man dreams? Enjoy as national leaders and ordinary people interact from the sudden Union win at Chancellorsville through the 1860s, then into the 1910s and '20s and beyond

If Baseball Integrarted Early:

The Civil war ends 18 months early, allowing a young man to survive who greatly impacts baseball history. The first part of the book deals with ensuring that baseball remains integrated in the 1870s and 1880s. The second part features blurbs from each season from 1901-2011, concerning pennant races, individual players, franchise shifts, trades, and many other things

2010 - present

2010 - present

Love to laugh? See what crazy things happen when "Dan Marino" becomes "San Marino"

Completed 2011 National Novel Writing Month

If you write about a football game where Minnesota sacked Dan Marino, can a typo cause more than just giggles? It can when mixed with a bank robbery investigation, a stubborn boss, and the Internet. All these combine to cause the arresting of a car for the crime and confused rumors of Viking attacks, among other oddities. As if that's not enough, callers from a shady company, Amalgamated Business Opportunities, find more than just crazy pranks. One of those pranks leads to minions of the mastermind behind both the company and the robbery actually donning Viking gear. Can the San Marinese investigator solve this puzzling situation despite her boss' attitude? Does a simple jokester hold the key? And, will people ever run out of jokes concerning the arresting of an automobile?

See the Lord help young people through turmoil
     When a teen & preteen are the only Christians in a troubled ome, God can still help them and use them

Family problems thrust young Grace and Jimmy into helping with tons of issues after they find answers to life’s questions. Their mom's repeat boyfriend wasn’t faithful at first. His kids have loads of bitterness from his divorce. Grace has her own mixed feelings about him. She and Jimmy try learn to love family members - all with issues of their own - as Jesus would. These include a mom who would rather think about guys at times, a young sibling who tests Grace to see if there is unconditional love there, and Jessica, an older teen who stirs things up for her own reasons. Is it to taunt Grace or is she hiding something? Also, what’s waiting on their vacation to cause even more turmoil? Readers of all ages will see how God brings good from the most imperfect situations when we trust Him. Grace and Jimmy learn some things take years of prayer, but God gives victories, too, as they explore the wonderful adventure that is the Christian life, and discover the riches of God's great grace

Now with a sequel - "Discovering Grace 2: Young Leaders"

Grace and Jimmy have allies helping them cope in their somewhat dysfunctional home, but even more struggles as they try to follow Jesus & share His love. And, that's not counting Jimmy being distracted by his first crush. There's Davey from one of their new dad's prior relationships. His mom is very sick, and their mom's general attitude causes six-year-old Erin to act out her frustration. There's Grace's battles with a very liberal Christian club and attempts to share Christ's love with Muslims, facing sometimes stiff opposition, even as one of those Muslims tries to break away. There's also Jimmy's crush's concerns about whether she's good enough since she doesn't look like a supermodel. Then, their new dad's health problems and several decisions regarding God's will for peoples' lives also cause confusion. Through it all, Jimmy and Grace learn what it means to be real leaders - not always having things easy or knowing the perfect solution, but still trusting Jesus to get them through.

Enjoy a fun childrens' book with baseball, too
     Originally published in 2003, updated 2010 at

Ellen is good friends with Sandy, a shy classmate with cerebral palsy. Ellen wants to help him, but her brother makes things difficult. He teases Ellen about having a boyfriend. Then, Ellen organizes a ball game where Sandy can play, and Nathan joins the other team.


Ellen soon encounters more problems. Sandy isn't athletic enough to play like she'd hoped. The other team's leader, a nasty classmate, finds two sons of pro players for his team. Are they ever good! Ellen feels her team must win, or some in their class might tease Sandy forever! And, not only must their team find a way to win, she must figure out how to use Sandy. Everyone will enjoy the thrilling baseball game.


Children will enjoy and identify with the warm friendships and sibling interaction. And, they'll see that while some kids might look or act different, they all need the same thing - good friends. And, good friends will be remembered fondly far beyond their school days

Imagine if all baseball's labor strikes were averted
     History from a prevented 1994/5 strike/lockout is quite different. 1981 even features a few somewhat signifcant changes.

Imagine no 1994/5 baseball strike/lockout, and steroids being fought in baseball a decade early.


The rest of the 1994 season unfolds week by week. Highlights showcase the game's excitement, the coming storm, and the record chases whose results mirror the uncertain future which comes because of this history's steroid scandal. This 1998 will be memorable for an entirely different reason from ours, as owners act to cut costs one way or another. Seasons from 1994-2013 - with an emphasis on the earlier years - are discussed with fans able to consider the joy and sorrow different franchises would feel.


1981, of course, was also marred by a strike. The last section shows the 1981 division races month by month. Readers will see the pennant races of a completed 1981, with the playoffs and World Series, plus major award winners and statistical leaders. Changes to 1982 and beyond, minor as they are, are also discussed.

Explore a World Where FDR Doesn't Run in 1940
     From POV of a young teen who must grow up quickly as he has more and mroe responsibility thrust on him in this alternate WW2

FDR chooses not to run in 1940, leading to a different yet similar WW2 as the U.S. fights Germany first when they feel they can challenge the untested Wendell Willkie, whose integration of the military in 1941 leads to some internal dissent. Meanwhile, young Charlie Kenner comes of age as he’s given more and more responsibility on the family farm when older family members go to war or work in defense industries.

Enjoy/relive fun-filled high school days 

Published ​2002 at, others are at

Megan Reynolds hopes for a typical, fun-filled senior year of high school. However, boyfriend Joe announces plans to attend college far away. Then, Megan learns her friend Brenda's startling secret, further shaking her world.


The friends ride an emotional roller coaster, working through crises amid reflections on their fabulous, but rapidly dwindling, days of childhood. Joe waffles between college and pro baseball. Then, something really confounds him. Brenda can't shake her insistence on attending her prom-or her confusion over whether or not to let someone adopt her baby. Another friend can't find a date two weeks before the prom! How can Megan help all of them?


This thrilling senior year culminates in a prom to remember - in more ways than one! Will Brenda ruin everyone's night? Is there trouble for Joe's long-time romance and friendship with Megan? And, will Megan's prayers, for those halcyon days of youth to somehow never let her go, be answered?