YouthQuake ministries


For 37 seasons, YouthQuake has encouraged young people to hide God's Word in their hearts.(Ps. 119:11) While our youth simply compete for plaques and recognition now, our goal once we raise enough support is to once again compete on a regional and national basis in the World Bible Quiz League. We stand on the preserved Word of God as we encourage youth to not only know God's Word but also apply it in their lives.


In doing so, youth can not only know the Gospel and how to be sure their sins are forgiven, but also how to live lives pleasing to God which can inspire others to want a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The verses they learn and apply teach how Jesus can give perfect comfort, peace, wisdom, and so much else to all who put their faith in HIm.


Even just competing for plaques, etc. as above right now, our youth gain so much in their walks with God. Try your hand at the quiz on the Bible Quiz page on this site.


We have YLTI, Crafts, Bible Quizzing, an adult Bible study, and games planned - keep watching for details .


Please let us know beforehand if you have a number of people coming, since we try to have a little food, too.


Bible Quizzing

Neighborhood, Home, School, and Church Ministries & Area Rallies

NEIGHBORHOODS - The YouthQuake van picks young people up in various neighborhoods and transports them to our Thursday activity as well as the Saturday activities we will now be able to have more of - these might include sports, Christian movies, any number of things..


HOMES - We can train you to hold such meetings in your home to equip youth with what they need to have a Godly impact on their communitiy.


SCHOOLS - See Youth Leaders Training Institute elsewhere on this site. We'll train youth to run clubs in their schools where they can have devotions, prayer, and/or Bible study.


CHURCHES - We'll work with churches to help their youth to properly share the Gospel and minister to others.


AREA-WIDE RALLIES​ - In our area-wide skate rallies, we gather all these different clubs together under one roof for a great time of fellowship and of hearing God's Word.

See our Quest for Truth radio show page for downloads of episodes of our program which we had on WNPQ 95.9 FM.


Gym & Sports-Related Activities

Youth love to be active in things like sports. We provide time to play at a local gym with a short devotional as well, along with flag football with boys' and girls' teams. We are always eager for more opportunities in this area to develop good Christian character in our youth while also promoting physical fitness. Indeed, we have fun games at the end of our YLTI and crafts for the youth in our Thursday program.



Wherever God Leads You

Maybe you have a skill we didn't list. YouthQuake can help you develop it so you can glorify God.


Maybe you have talent in performing arts. We'd love to have youth sing, perform skits, or something else. We can even help you plan how to honor Christ in a secular venue like one girl Board Member Doug Fowler saw at a cousin's ballet recital once. This youth performed ballet to the song "Come to Jesus" and oh, was it beautifully done! What a Christ-honoring performance!


Or, maybe you have the gift of helps. God may have laid on your heart a ministry idea for visiting nursing homes, helping in soup kitchens, or something else that.


Or, there may be a ministry not thought of here. If God lays it on your heart, we can try to help in some way, through encouragement or however else He leads. 


Neighborhood Cell Groups

A cell group can be whatever you want as long as it's Biblically based. A Bible study, neighborhood discipleship, or prayer meeting are the functions most people would consider for sucha  group. But, you could also host a forum where you and others discuss important topics on a Biblical basis.