Read what God has laid on our hearts and how He is working; especially our new Thursday program below.


WANTED: Youth with a vision for their schools

Want to see God work in your school? We'll train you as a student to start a Christian club and share God's plan with other students. Includes things like sharing your testimony, defending your faith,  leading friends to Christ, being a Godly example, and other things.

Radio ministry

We really enjoyed ministering through the radio on WNPQ-FM, 95.9. While our show, "Quest For Truno longer airs due to budget problems, you can hear and download any of our shows.  See our page about it for details by clicking on the picture at the right.


SKATE RALLY - Sept. 28, 2019

Time: 10 AM-noon

Cost - $1 for tickets, $1 at the door

$3 for skates or bring your own

Bring visitors so they can hear the glorious Good News of the Gospel


We have great plans for the future. We don't need a home building to have Godly fun. We're looking into numerous ways to minister to our youth on Thursdays.

We'll still find ways to have crafts, YLTI, Bible quizzing, an adult class, games, and great, Godly fellowship.

We also plan to have Saturday activities regularly. You never know what fun thing we'll be doing so please call Sal at 330-493-0749 for details. If he can't be reached (his work from home means his phone is tied up in its system Sunday afternoon and Monday-Tuesday) you can find Doug Fowler's home phone on the contact page.