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Quest For Truth

Quest For Truth

You hear so many messages, we want the truth of what God can do for you to be first in your thoughts.

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Catalogue of shows and links to them

Note: Some, because they cover multiple areas, are listed in more than one category

Doctrine/Fundamentals of Faith: 1 (absolute truth); 3, 4(Resurrection); 8, 9(Deity of Christ); 18(forgiveness); 19, (Salvation Security); 28, 29(Salvation with excuses people give for not getting saved); 44, 45(salvation); 72-75(salvation, etc.);88(grace); 90(salvation); 91(sanctification), 101(sin nature),102(salvation), 107(forgiveness), 127(Holy Spirit), 132. (Blood atonement)


Examining specific Bible passages: 13; 14; 16; 18; 31 & 39(Prodigal Son); 51; 63; 64; 65; 67; 76, 101, 102, 110, 111, 112, 113, 126, 128, 130, 131, 141, 142

General Bible study(including series): 6; 11; 12; 13; 14;16; 22; 25; 33; 36; 38; 41-44; 47, 48(prayer); 49-53; 55; 56; 58; 59-63; 64; 65; 67; 70; 72-75; 81, 82, 86, 87, 89; 90; 91, 93, 94, 98, 99, 101, 102, 105, 107, 110, 115, 116, 127, 128, 129, 130, 132, 133, 141, 142, 143, 147, 150, 152, 153, 155, 156

Interviews: 2; 10; 15; 23; 24; 26; 32; 34; 37; 55; 57; 66; 77; 78; 80; 83; 84-85&95-96, 97, 104, 109, 115&116, 114&117, 119, 121, 122, 125, 135, 138, 140, 144, 149, 151, 154


Series(more than 2 straight): 36+41-44(Preserved Word); 38 + 49-53(Science and the Bible, Apologetics); 59-63(Millennium, Jewish nation); 72-75(Catholicism);84-85&95-96(Masonry); 98,100,103((great historical preachers/missionaries), 134-7(election)


Topical(Current events, Man on street, etc.): 21; 26; 27; 28; 29; 35; 46; 54; 58; 68; 69; 71; 76; 77, 94, 98, 100, 103, 106, 108, 109, 111, 112, 113,114,117, 118, 122, 123, 124, 126, 134-137, 143, 147, 148

Youthquake focus: 1; 5; 7; 17; 20; 22,33(Brokenness over sin); 30; 40; 54; 79, 92, 93, 104, 111,117, 120, 121, 139, 144, 145, 146, 149, 157

Special 2020 current events series: 1A-12A

Links to our shows

#1. 4/1/14 - Why Truth matters - Mark Sowick & Doug Fowler discuss absolute truth; Sal Varsalone reports from the field on Operation Revive; song Statement of Faith in middle of show

#2. 4/8/14 - Interview with Doug, discussion of overcoming, mentoring

#3. 4/15/14 - Resurrection 1 of 2. Mark, Doug, and Sal discuss the reasons it was necessary, how the world was perfect till sin came into it, and how the Lord provided a remedy so whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

#4. 4/22/14 - The Resurrection, 2 of 2; Mark, Doug, and Sal discuss the power of the Resurrection, including proofs, a stirring list of how each apostle died, and a great Gospel song.

#5. 4/29/14 - Sal is interviewed about Operation Revive & what it'll take to bring repentance revival, including student-led clubs in schools and returning to the Word of God.

#.6. 5/6/2014 - Mark and Doug discuss Leah and other special mothers in a Mother's Day special.

#7. 5/13/2014 - Mark and Doug interview Ernie Cross, a member of Youthquake's board of directors and in charge of different fund raising endeavors.

#8. 5/20/2014 - First of 2 parts discussing Jesus' deity, discussing some of the many places Jesus is found in the Bible, focus on Old Testament

#10. 6/3/14 - Susie Varsalone is interviewed about Cat's Cradle, an animal rescue ministry, discussing need for gentleness, goodness, other Fruits of the Spirit, human responsibility for animals, and animal rescue.

#9. 5/27/14 - Further exploration of Jesus Christ's deity, focusing on the New Testament, mostly the I AM statements but also numerous other Scriptures

#11. 6/10/2014 - Discussion of Jesus as our rock through the Bible, beginning with and focusing on the parable of the wise man who built his house on a rock.

#12. 6/17/14 - A discussion of the traits of a Godly father, focusing on Job, with some Mordecai as one who took the responsibility when it was needed

#13. 6/24/14 - Thorough look at Zaccheus in Luke 19:1-10, salvation by grace through faith and not by works, and the inexhaustability of God's Word

#14. 7/1/14 - 2 Timothy 3:1-9 from 2 angles, the need for righteous living (and the lack of it in the Laodicean era) and a prophetic one (as the Bible describes these as marks of the last days)

#17. 7/22/14 - A discussion of YLTI, attempts to get Christian clubs into public schools, and numerous other Youthquake activities. 

#18. 7/29/14 - Discussion of Colossians 2 and the total and complete forgiveness Jesus provides, in addition to other doctrinal truths.

#16. 7/15/14 - Discussion of Matthew 11;28-30 and how Jesus bears our burdens, though focusing mostly on burden of sin and His forgiveness it briefly touches on other areas.

#19. 8/5/14 - Salvation Security part 1, Romans 6, importance of security in salvation with numerous illustrations, doctrine of sin and how Jesus took the punishment for our sin and is therefore able to keep us saved.

#22. 8/26/14 - Brokenness over sin part 1; awful consequenences of sin & why brokenness is needed for repentance revival; start of talk of Youthquake presentations, focus on sin of adultery.

#20. 8/12/14 - Daniel & Deborah Tessou discuss plans to start a Youthquake club in Early College high school, their testimonies and spiritual growth in YLTI, and how they hope living a Christian life impacts fellow students.

#21. 8/19/14 - Discussion of persecution of Christians around the world and throughout history, plus dangers of a state-run religion

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#15. 7/8/14 - Interview with Garry Meeks on evangelism and how the radio is used, interesting stories of how the Lord has worked and how He can work.    

#25. 9/16/14 - A discussion of how God created private property - especially His giving of the land to Israel forever - and how He expects us to exercise Godly virtues in caring for said property.

#24. 9/9/14 - Brenda Ball discusses her part in getting counterfeit Bibles our of her church. Many examples of Authorized Version of Bible versus counterfeits. Also, Margaret Kibler on their church's Serving Hands Ministry for the poor, hungry.

#23. 9/2/14 - Interview with Jan Markowitz about her testimony, serving Christ, fruits of the Spirit and using ones gifts and talents for the Lord

#26. 9/23/14 - Pastor Walter Moss shares how the Pregnancy Support Center helps pregnant women & teens, and how God values life. Also, troubling abortion stats & how it harms the community.

#27. 9/30/14 - Man on the street 1 - Short interviews with several people at Canton's First Friday asking if they know the significance of John 3:16

#28. 10/7/14 - First of 2 on excuses people give for not getting saved - covers problem of hypocrites, people who feel no need or they'll do it someday later, and people who say they tried and failed

#29. 10/14/14 - 2nd half of discussion, excuses people use for not getting saved & why they're not valid. Covers, anog others, danger of not getting saved & the awesome place Heaven will be, plus why things of this world don't compare to it.

#30. 10/21/14 - Sharing how people can help find youth for YLTI to start prayer and devotions in public schools, along with other ways people can help Youthquake with service, prayer, finances, etc.

#31. 10/28/14 - Analysis of the Prodigal Son's downward spiral and uphill climb, plus the glory of reconciliation found in Romans 5:1-10.

#32. 11/4/2014 - Interview with Michelle Beyer of Addiction Voices of Hope minsitry about how her ministry helps others, the problems of addiction, and the hope Jesus gives in recovery

#33. 11/11/14 - Brokenness over sin part 2; danger of idolatry, anything one places on the throne of one's heart above or equal to God; numerous idols of age of Laodicea & how society puts them above God.

#34. 11/18/14 - Interview with Pastor Ted Fellows on dispensational truth, how God deals with man at different times yet always with salvation being by faith.

#35. 11/25/14 - Discussing Thanksgiving, what people are thankful for, God's blessings, and the history of the first Thanksgiving & those who came in 1620

#36. 12/2/14 - Discussion of problems with modern Bible versions and spiritual reasons the Authorized version is the right one and counterfeits shouldn't be used

#37. 12/9/14 - Interview w/Pastor Tom Graham on planting, growing a church, stepping out in faith, balance between getting people saved & discipleship, how to help people grow in Christ; also a bit on spiritual warfare from e-mail at start.

#38. 12/16/14 - Prelude to sereis in March; discussion of science and God's creation, focus on Romans 1, God's grand design, logic & cause and effect behind Creation

#39. 12/23/14 - Second half of Prodigal Son discussion, focus on older brother, father, need to forgive & accept others as Christian brothers, comparisons of older brother with Jonah

#40. 12/30/2014 - Discussion of memories of 2014 shows, looking ahead to 2015 with a few themes discussed

#98. 2/9/2016 - The life of John Jasper, who rose from slavery to become a great preacher - starting as a slave - and a great defender of the faith in 1800s Virginia, with discussion of the Gospel which unites all believers

#99. 2/16/2016 - The importance of stewardship, with much on the Biblical view of money but also of other resources, talents, etc., and why we should use what we have for the Lord and not waste it.

#100. 2/23/2016 - Discussing missionaries with emphasis on Hudson Taylor's work in China and sacrifices made to share the Gospel, plus how we should do the same

#101. 3/1/2016 - Part 1 of study of Ephesians 2:1-10, discussing how God made us alive & the depth we were at being dead in our sins

#102. 3/8/2016 - Part 2 of study of Ephesians 2:1-10, discussing how despite our sin God loved and saved us because of His unconditional love, when we had nothing to offer Him ourselves

#103. 3/15/2016 - The life of Patrick, first missionary to Ireland in the 400s, and the life and dedication of missionaries in general & waht they endure to make sure the Gospel is taken to the ends of the earh

#104. 3/22/2016 - Interview with Trent Dibell about Camp CHOF, activities and most importantly the Gospel's centrality in all that is done, with dates, speakers, stories, etc.

#105. 3/29/2016 - Four types of love in Greek, with focus on two: Eros and the over-emphasizing of the emotional in our culture; and, Agape, God's unconditional love, and how it's so superior to any other with its level of commitment, though the middle two have commitment, too

#106. 4/5/2016 - A series of stories of Christians who have endured persecution from governments and violence from individuals because of their faith. part 1 on persecution.

#107. 4/12/2016 - Forgiveness as paying our entire sin debt, which we owe because we fall so short of God's perfection and even our own standards, which are always less than God's. Also, a Youthquake report from the field.

#108. 4/19/2016 - Persecution faced by several Biblical figures, tales of persecuted Christians around the world, and discussion of the system of works inherent in every religion, whereas true salvation is based on grace through faith. Part 2 on persecution.


#109. 4/26/2016 - 9-year-old Kaden Stepp shares about Blessing Bags, his ministry collecting hygiene and other items for the homeless, its history and inspiration, results, and how people can contribute

#110. 5/3/2016 - Overview of the Book of Ruth, a love story in the midst of many horrible things during time of Judges, showing faithfulness and commitment to God

#111. 5/10/2016 - Discussion of 1 Kings 18 and the battle between Elijah, the proophet of God, and the false prophets of Baal, comparing it to choices we all must make to serve the Lord; Sal has report from the field on Youthquake activities, too

#41. 1/6/2015 - Focus on history, final authority of the Bible to start 4-part series on preserved Word of God

#42. 1/13/2015 - More history, preserving of God's Word, Antioch versus Alexandrian texts, verse comparisons, especially a few key ones on deity of Christ; part 2 of 4 of preserved Word of God

#43. 1/20/2015 - Comparing various general verses in different versions, showing how Bible is consistent in King James, among other things; Part 3 of 4 on preserved Word of God

#44. 1/27/2015 - Discussion of doctrine of salvation by grace through faith & not by works, and how it's preserved in the King James and altered in counterfeits. Part 4 of 4 on preserved Word of God

#45. 2/3/2015 - Exploration of faith versus works salvation and why salvation must be by grace, looking at various Scriptures, attributes of God, etc..

#46. 2/10/2015 - The problem of apathy in the church - different causes, symptoms, and how to escape it by serving the Lord

#47. 2/17/2015 - Discussion of several different prayers in the Bible, why they were effective, and important parts of prayer; 1 of 2 on prayer

#48. 2/24/2015 - What extraordinary prayer is and why it's important in growing one's relationship with God, plus how God speaks back to us in our relationship with Him; 2 of 2 on prayer

#49. 3/3/2015 - Why there is suffering, some archaeological proofs of the Bible, even some comparisons as God's love & salvation by faith, not works, is discussed; why there is suffering. Apologetics 1 of 5

#50. 3/10/2015 - Just some of the ways science & the Bible are fully compatible with some of the scientific facts God put in the Bible many centuries before their discovery, plus Christianity versus Islam and the great love and mercy God shows versus what Islam teaches. Apologetics 2 of 5

#51. 3/17/2015 - Discussion of Bible & science are compatible, Genesis 1:1-3 featured, some discussion of spirit realm, also some difference versus Islam and Christianity

#52. 3/24/2015 - A number of ways the Bible confirms science, some other  points showing the existence of God, Creation and a few resources to let one start to investigate on their own. Apologetics 4 of 5

#112. 5/17/2016 - 1 Samuel 8, Israel's rejection of God and insisting on a human king, and how it relates to Christians today - 1 of 2

#113. 5/24/2016 - 1 Samuel 8, Israel's rejection of God and insisting on a human king, and how it relates to Christians today and to government; 2 of 2

#114. 5/31/2016 - Jenna Schaub-Leech shares how her faith in Christ as Saviour brought her through dysfunctional home,childhood, plus how Christians can help build resilience in other such youth. part 1 of 2

#115. 6/7/2016 - Interview with Troy Wright on the errors of Dominionism and how only Jesus can usher in His Kingdom or have power over evil; Dominionism 1 of 2

#116. 6/14/2016 - Troy Wright, how Jesus will come for us & bring in His Kingdom since only He holds keys, and the devil is prince of this world; plus how evil spirits - Nephilim - corrupted world in Gen. 6 and later and may be involved in End Times events. Dominionism 2 of 2

#117. 6/21/2016 - Jenna Schaub-Leech shares how the Lord used Youthquake and other things to help her through a difficult childhood, plus how adults & even young people can help troubled youth, along with a few ways she plans to serve God with Youthquake. 2 of 2

#118. 6/28/2016 - Connecing with the culture and sharing God's gift of eternal life with people, plus cultural aspects & importance of sharing the Gospel - Christ's death and resurection for our sins and not just a social Gospel; Troy Wright joins in discussion

#119. 7/5/2016 - Doug Martin of The Hope Project shares how Jesus has given him victory over drugs and life that is much more abundant thanks to a personal relationship with the Lord.

#120. 7/12/2016 - Sal and Doug discuss Youthquake's plans including Golf-a-thon to expand radio show, YLTi, and other parts of Operation Revive & how others need to step up and serve the Lord, too

#121. 7/19/2016 - Alexis Balch shares her plans, possible pitfalls, and prayer needs as she starts at Akron U. and plans to begin a Youthquake YLTI club there.

#122. 7/26/2016 - Garry Meeks of the Ohio Christian Alliance shares importance of voting for candidates who support Biblical positions on issues as part of greater need to be Christlike and take Biblical stands every day.

#123. 8/2/2016 - Why the Bible shows judgment is on individuals, not on nations, God's mercy not judging right away, and salvation from condemnation through faith in Christ. Part 1 of 2.

#53. 3/31/2015 - Discussion of Eastern thought & how it can all be summed up as works versus the grace of God, and how God gives certainty, peace, etc. others lack because He desires a relationship with his creation. Apologetics 5 of 5

#54. 4/7/2015 - Apathy 2; How more people are needed to serve and encorugement to serve in missions at home as well as abroad, especially in inner city ministries like ours; plus discussion of Youthquake's needs.

#124. 8/9/2016 - How God is sovereign yet gives free will, and He comforts and guide us through problems created by randomness of life, while a perfect Heaven awaits the believer.

#125. 8/16/2016 - Discussion of tract and card ministry of Darrell Timar & Yvonne Kress, how it began, how it's done, and how people have been impacted by their ministry.

#126. 8/23/2016 - Current situation in Syria and how it relates to prophecies in Isaiah 13-17, especially ch.17 concerning Damascus

#55. 4/14/2015 - Pastor Neal Wheeler shares about being a missionary to Mormons, how Mormonism differs from Christianity, the truth about Jesus from the Bible, and other Biblical truths, along with mention of several other church activities.

#56. 4/21/2015 - Discussion of the truth of Jesus being God in flesh and other Biblical truths compared to the errors of Jehovah's Witnesses teachings; why their teachings are false and the Bible is true.

#57. 4/28/2015 - Trent Dibell discusses Camp CHOF, including activities and Godly counselors and speakers who are part of it, plus the benefits of attending and how one may do so.

#58. 5/5/2015 - DIscussion of how God's moral law can't change but kosher & other law did since they were created to set the people apart from heathen, but it was the Gospel of salvation by grace through faith which was His standard and which He wanted spread through the world

#127. 8/30/2016 - A discussion of numerous facets and roles of the Holy Spirit and how He works in the Bible and in peoples' lives

#128. 9/6/2016 - Alexis Balch joins to discuss Four Horsemen of Revelation 6:1-8 and how we see forerunners today while looking at what early Tribulation period will be like

#129. 9/13/2016 - Discussion of many aspects of the wonderful friendship Jesus has with believers because of the personal relationship that comes with salvation by grace through faith

#130. 9/20/2016 - Study of Daniel 9 prayer, his prepearation in humbly praying for revival & return home for Israel, and how these relate to how we should pray for repentance revival.

#131. 9/27/2016 - Verse-by-verse look at Psalm 23 and the many facets of God shown as shepherd, guide, provider, and so on for His people.

#59. 5/12/2015 - Intro to End Times and Millennium, discussing God's plan for Jesus' return & how the Jews will still be blessed as God's chosen people according to His Word; part 1 of Millennium series

#60. 5/19/2015 - how God has chosen the Jewish people & Jerusalem, distinction between judgments and explaining Bema seat/judgment seat of Christ & how we will judged based on service, since our sins were already judged at the cross, & we Christians will then reign with Christ in the Millennium. Millennium 2 of 5

#132. 10/4/2016 - Discussion of the Fall Feasts of Leviticus 23, considering them both in prophecy - with how they look forward to the Jews realizing Him as Messiah as the Kingdom is ushered in - and the importance of the blood and how Jesus Christ provided atonement for us

#133. 10/11/2016 - Worldviews and how they shape us, our culture, and our actions, and the importance of maintaining a Biblical worldview.

#134. 10/18/2016 - The importance of various Biblical princiiples in selecting a good government, and why it's vital to follow Godly principles in an election. Election 1 of 4.

#61. 5/26/2015 - Discussing Second Coming, with some on the Rapture, plus who will populate the Millennial Kingdom and some features of it; Millennium 3 of 5

#62. 6/2/2015 - Millennium worship, more evidence for true 1,000-year reign of Christ & His Second Coming before; plus why sin will still be a problem in the Millennium due to our sin nature; Millennium 4 of 5


#63. 6/9/2015 - Discussion of the feasts of Leviticus 23, and how they each point to Jesus & what He has fulfilled and which He will in the future; plus, Sal's Youthquake report from the field

#64. 6/16/2015 - Discussing how to resist temptation by looking at Scripture, especially how Jesus resisted it when tempted by the devil in the wilderness but also examining other verses sharing how we can do so

#65. 6/23/2015 - Examining full armor of God (Eph.6:10-18) & its importance, how to use it & what role each part plays; plus small segueway from Millennium series

#66. 6/30/2015 - Interview with Alexis Balch on her battle with Crohn's Disease and colitis, how the Lord has helped her overcome & serve Him, & how others, young and old, can be encouraged to look for a need & let God use them to help others

#135. 10/25/2016 - Garry Meeks joins to discuss why it's important for Evangelicals to vote, and various issues facing Christians today, including what is needed to bring revival to our churches. Election 2 of 4.

136. 11/1/2016 - The 2016 election as viewed by a concerned voter, Tammy Marraffa, in a "man on the street"-style interview(but in the studio). She focuses on abortion, honesty, and freedom, especially religious freedom in a world increasingly hostile to Christians. Election 3 of 4.

#137. 11/8/2016 - Interview with Rob Walgate of iVoters.com on a variety of topics relating to the election, such as liberty, and the importance of voting. election 4 of 4

#138. 11/15/2016 - Harold Baum, a Messianic Jew, discusses how he came to trust in Jesus as Messiah, plus his recovery from emotional turmoil after visit to Holocaust sites and his contemplating of horrific evil that had been done

#139. 11/22/2016 - Update on Youthquake's Thursday activities in the new building Youthquake rents and other parts of Operation Revive, including what part others can play in bringing a repentance revival to their communities

#67. 7/7/15 - Discussion of the Fruit the Holy Spirit provides to all believers in Galatians 5, their importance in showing different from world,& how they should grow over time

#68. 7/14/2015 - First of two parts of Man on the Street interviews with random Christians about the biggest problems in the Church today

#69. 7/21/2015 - Second of two parts of Man on the Street interviews with random Christians about the biggest problems in the Church today

#70. 7/28/15 - How Christians' roles as ambassadors for Christ compare to worldly ambassadors; how we have been reconciled to God and how we must show examples of Jesus Christ to others so they can be reconciled to Him

#71. 8/4/2015 - What is needed to have repentance revival occur in America, & what church must do for God to revive the U.S.

#72. 8/11/2015 - False doctrines of Catholicism; overview plus truth of the Gospel; Catholicism, 1 of 4

#73. 8/18/2015 - Biblical truth about false doctrines involving Peter and the Papacy, Mary, and the priesthood; Catholicism, 2 of 4

#74. 8/25/2015 - Biblical truth about false doctrines involving Purgatory, mass, & transubstantiation, plus true salvation by grace through faith and security of salvation; Catholicism, 3 of 4

#140. 11/29/2016 - Marshall Mack shares his experience dealing with parents divorcing, recovery from it, and the need to trust God to guide and to heal the pain; plus, how families need to communicate and work together with God at the center to avoid such problems

#141. 12/6/2016 - Analyzing Philippians 4:8 in how we can focus on the things mentioned to be more Godly Christians, to honor the Lord in everything, and to show a difference between ourselves and the world.

#142. 12/13/2016 - How to redeem the time while we have it to effectively minister to others in reaching them for the Lord and serving the Lord, with our focus on Heavenly rewards, not things of the world

#143. 12/20/2016 - A discussion of the Electoral College, its history and wisdom, and how we as the body of Christ are also many members with different functions, and how one part should never dominate the other or put the other down, but instead work together equally as God's people

#144. 12/27/2016 - Pastor Allan Brown discusses stepping out in faith to enter the ministry in his 50s & his work at Westminster Community Church, including the various ministries they support and the partnership with Youthquake on Thursday nights as one of numerous answers to prayer Youthquake has seen this year

#145. 1/3/2017 - First of 2 shows discussing Youthquake's current Thursday evening activities and ministry needs, both in the personnel and financial realms

#75. 9/1/2015 - Biblical truth about false doctrines involving infant baptism, veneration of saints, and indulgences, plus true salvation as a gift, not through giving; Catholicism, 4 of 4

#76. 9/8/2015 - The recent Iran nuclear deal related to end times events, specifically the war mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39; how Israel has been miraculously regathered & how God will bring victory to them

#146. 1/10/2017 - Second of 2 shows discussing Youthquake's current Thursday evening activities, also discussing future plans as well as ministry needs, both in the personnel and financial realms

#147. 1/17/2017 - The importance of unity among believers in the body of Christ despite our differences when it comes to non-doctrinal issues. Plus, impromptu responses to some headlines from around when show was taped (last week of December)

#77. 9/15/2015 - Interview w/Pastor Walter Moss on 40 Days for Life, problem of abortion and how women can be helped to avoid them

#148. 1/24/2017 - Discussion of several impromptu questions that Christians might be asked, in order to always be ready to give an answer (1 Peter 3:15)

#78. 9/22/2015 - Interview with Emily, Mike Pickett, young people with strong testimonies of how being saved & a relationship with Jesus Christ has changed them

#79. 9/29/15 - Prayers & plans for Greater Canton Youthquake's 34th season (plus history), including Operation Revive & involving others, student-led prayer and devotion clubs in schools, attempts to raise missionary support, & more

#80. 10/6/2015 - Interview, Pastor Ben Jennings on importance of small group fellowship to help one grow in Christ, Canton Baptist Temple's Adult Bible Fellowships, outreach & importance of witnessing, sharing one's faith and testimony

#81. 10/13/15 - Discussion of thankfulness toward God & others, the importance of showing others they matter & especially praising God for His abundance in Heavenly riches toward us no matter how little we have physically

#82. 10/20/2015 - Importance of being thankful & showing it toward God and others, how pride harms it, involvement of thankfulness in fruits of the Spirit, etc.; Thankfulness 2 of 2

#83. 10/27/2015 - Interview, Patti Hostetler & Melissa Fletcher on Hannah's House 119 & their mission of helping mentor girls & young women in many areas while sharing the Gospel as well, plus how others can help their ministry & present and future plans for it

#84. 11/3/2015 - Interview, Dan Kolusky, Former Masons for Christ, discussion of his testimony and of salvation by grace through faith versus the works Masons practice, 1 of 4

#85. 11/10/2015 - Interview, Dan Kolusky, Former Masons for Christ, discussion of his testimony, salvation by grace through faith, and how Masons worship false gods, 2 of 4

#86. 11/17/2015 - Churches of Revelation 2-3 examined in how each one applies to individual believers, individual churches,and church history. 1 of 2

#87. 11/24/2015 - Churches of Revelation 2-3 examined in how each one applies to individual believers, churches,and church history, plus how people should be reaching out in the Age of Laodicea 2 of 2

#88. 12/1/2015 - God's great grace, Paul's understanding of it given his past, and how God provides needed grace & mercy to everyone no matter what background

#149. 1/31/17 - Alexis Balch discusses progress and difficulties encountered starting a YLTI club at Akron University, as well as possible strategies she might use in overcoming those obstacles and reaching people, plus the direction she hopes to take the club and study they will use.

#150. 2/7/2017 - Doctrinal errors of the Hebrew Roots Movement, and how the Church is totally separate from israel; while is it good to understand the Jewish culture to get a deeper understanding of the Bible, the New testament clearly teaches salvation by grace through faith for all, so like any other works, there is no need to follow Old Testament Jewish customs

#151. 2/14/2017 - Elisa Phillips discusses the womens' Bible Study and other things which are part of the womens' group "Sisters for the Journey," including how they help and support each other as the Bible says Christians should

#152. 2/21/2017 - Jerusalem throughout the Bible, especially how God placed His seal on it early and established His promise to His people, the Jews, to establish His throne there

#153. 2/28/2017 - How Jesus reclaimed dominion and power over the world after the first Adam's fall, yet even with that power He chose to be a servant, and how he expects all of us, especially leaders, to step out in faith and serve others just as he did

#154. 3/7/2017 - A discussion of summer activities at Camp CHOF, including activities, what a normal day is like, the joys of spending a week out at camp, and all God is doing with it

#155: 3/14/2017 - Debunking several myths Christians believe, some serious - for example, showing that Christians and Muslims don't worship the same God and the dangers of the ecumenical movement - and some whimsical, for example the fact cleanliness is not next to Godliness

#156: 3/21/2017 - A look at the Book of Esther and feast of Purim, focusing on God's protection of His chosen people, the Jews, in His sovereignty and perfect plan, and how it relates to the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

#157: 3/28/2017 - Final show in 3-year series - Thanks to listeners, discussion of some of our favorite episodes and what the Lord accomplished, plus encouragement to all to continue to follow and serve Him no matter what the circumstances

#1A - 8/18/2020 - Jill Taylor from ChooseLifeRadio and Pregnancy Choices on the importance of choosing Life and the need to speak life to a hurting nation, especially the abundant life only possible in Jesus Christ.

#89. 12/8/2015 - How and why to study the Bible, with tips, examples, and the importance of God's Word as absolute truth

#90. 12/15/2015 - Explaining how proper understanding of Scripture shows tongues are always understandable human languages in the Bible, and how God moved in the early church in ways He doesn't now, and why the doctrine of tongues is therefore a false teaching

#91. 12/22/2015 - Sanctification, what it is and how it works; some mention of positional but main focus on progress made in a Christian's life, examining God's work and the part we Christians play in our effective spiritual growth

#92. 12/29/2015 - Review, discussion of shows done the past year, ending with powerful song, "Jesus Saves," by Booth Brothers

#93. 1/5/2016 - A look at faith, Youthquake's theme for 2016. What faith is, its importance, and how to live by faith by trusting the Lord, with a few examples

#94. 1/12/2016 - The need for people to share the Gospel with the great harvest of souls waiting to hear. We discuss Operation Revive & other ways people can witness even with little natural ability, because God is just looking for people to step out in faith and let Him use them.

#2A - 8/25/2020 - Deborah Fowler on how to pray and  importance of being a prayer warrior for our hurting nation, especially the need to be humble and turn from one's own wicked ways in 2 Chr. 7:14.

#3A - 9/1/2020 - Garry Meeks joins discussion of various topics, such as the importance of freedom and using one's skills to achieve things as Biblical principles, plus society's focus on self as one of the problems shown in 2 Timothy 3 and the "perilous self" near the end.

#4A - 9/8/2020 - Ben Jennings joins to discuss freedom God gives us in Christ through His salvation and freedom our Founders gave to enjoy life  - but within moral means. Talk of abundant life God promises & why it's more abundant when we choose to live within His boundaries, while the world's system wants to remove all mention of Christ and His ways

#5A - 9/15/2020 - Biblical values of helping others, stewardship; Problems of greed in revolutions; Free Market capitalism vs. Socialism; Need to focus on eternal rewards, earlier show about property in Bible; Diversity of body of Christ working together, Middle class; Economics, 1 of 2

#6A - 9/22/2020 - Potpourri on problems when "kings of earth" (Psalm 2) try to control things against God's Word, & have since Nimrod & Babylon, plus how the Holy Spirit should lead us to help each other, as man's attempts are alla bout elite having control and not truly helping the masses; Economics, 2 of 2

#7A - 9/29/2020 - Interview with Walter Moss, 1 of 2 - Importance of life as Biblical value in voting, damage that abortion and broken families cause black community and ways to resolve, be unified as culture

#8A - 10/6/2020 - Walter Moss, 2 of 2 - Importance of nonviolence, how the devil counterfeits what is the true need to help black community, as John 10:10 says & how Jesus gives life more abundantly, people must live together, communicate, not see each other as enemies

#95. 1/19/2016 - Interview, Dan Kolusky, dangers of Masonry's false doctrines, how Masonry works in influencing churches and society as a whole away from the Gospel. Masonry 3 of 4

#96. 1/26/2016 - Interview, Dan Kolusky, dangers of false doctrines in Masonry and how Masonry works in influencing churches away from the Gospel, and influencing society as a whole. Plus how to get Masonry out of leadership in our churches. Masonry 4 of 4

#9A - 10/13/2020 - Interview with John Pickett, Millennial voter on why he chooses to vote for Biblical values, how Millennials fail to understand evils of godless socialism and only see it as "good deeds" which we all should be doing, not for government only.

#10A - 10/20/2020 - Chris Long, Ohio Christian Alliance, Importance of voting; Ohio voter guides; rioting, looting, etc., problems of extremism in politics, need to support Biblical values

#11A - 10/27/2020 - Special interview regarding SB34 in Ohio and general need to protect children from exploitation and the dangers young people face, along with ministries that help.

#97. 2/2/2016 - Dawn Williams discusses how the Lord lovingly helped her overcome major health problems which she'd brought on with her lifestyle, and how she's staying healthy and helping others

#12A - 11/3/2020 - Current Events discussion of a variety of news topics involving the spiritual battle in our world and several of the issues discussed int he previous 11 Current Events shows

#158 - 11/10/2020 - Debra Martin, head of Pregnancy Choices, discusses importance of life and the many ways her ministry helps women, plus discussion of how Biblical model of ideal woman is one who has control makes decisions, etc.

#162 - 12/8/2020 - End Times events, the nearness of the Lord's return as signs come more rapidly, including why we should focus on Israel as the center of Bible prophecy, including talk of the 3rd and 4th temples and how nothing man creates is permanent.

#159 - 11/17/2020 - Steve Dallas and Mark Fogel discuss music ministry, careers and the joy of worshiping the Lord, plus what they're doing now at Westminster.

#160 - 11/24/2020 - Loving the Lord's appearing - how to be thankful despite the Covid crisis by focusing on eternal things and serving the Lord here, including by giving, talk of Youthquake needs and giving, too.

#161 - 12/1/2020 - Pam Smith joins to share her testimony and how music can be a blessing in troubled times, how God has brought her through so much, plus some current event topics.

#163 - 12/15/2020 - Luke 2 & Matthew 2, contrasting various reactions to Jesus' birth & how apathy at His first coming mirrors attitudes about His Second Coming in today's world.

#164 - 12/22/2020 - Jesus as Prince of Peace, how the Bible describing peace as a place with a ruler shows we can go to Jesus anytime for His perfect peace and dwell there despite how much turmoil the world is in.

#165 - 12/29/2020 - A pot pourri of topics dealing with the End Times and the problems facing the world, and how the only solution is Jesus, though people will always try to find their own answers.

More Quest for Truth/Current Events - shows of 2021 and beyond

See Greater Canton Youthquake at archive.org for all our shows.

#166 - 1/5/2021- Marshall Mack joins Doug to discuss various things related to End Times events as he studies the Word of God as a child of the '90s and '00s, and what the many changes the world is seeing might mean, while also pointing people to Israel, which is the center of God's prophetic timetable..

#191 - 6/29/2021 - Beginning of series on Jesus in the Old Testament, discussion of His appearing, His faithfulness, His deity, etc., Theophanies begin to be discussed.

#192 - 7/6/2021 - More Jesus in the Old Testament, Abraham, fact real Jewish people still exist, unlike false claims of some.

#167 - 01/12/2021 - Howard McIlvain, his wife Staci, & their 13YO girl Grace join to discuss Sanctity of Human Life, how every life is precious. Stacy gives testimony of Grace's birth 3 months premature and how God brought her through. Discussion of how every life is special. Grace talks about being a youth dealing with the covid lockdowns, etc., and gives advice to other young people about following Jesus.

#168 - 01/19/2021 - The dangers of Dominionism and how it is part of the One World Church and goes against the Bible, because only Jesus can bring in His perfect kingdom.

#169 - 01/26/2021 - Sal Varsalone and Deborah Fowler join. Deborah shares testimony of brother Bob's miraculous recovery from Covid. Full Armor of God discussed with Extraordinary Prayer as part of it, how it is an offensive and defensive tool with each part of the armor.

#170- 02/02/2021 - Sal Varsalone and Deborah Fowler join. More on Eph. 6:14-18 and how prayer is an offensive and defensive part of each part of the Armor of God. Sal discusses the need to stand against evil like the powers mentioned in Eph. 6:12

#171 - 02/09/2021 - Mark and Doug discuss the Tribulation period which will come upon the Earth prior to Jesus' Second Coming, and how it is foreshadowed in Joshua's 7-year conquest of Canaan, plus discussion of other current events. Mark also shares his battle with Covid.

#172 - 02/16/2021 - Matthew 24 and the dangers of deception are the main subjects as Mark and Doug discuss how easy it is to be deceived and the need to keep our eyes on Biblical truth so we won't be deceived.

#173 - 02/23/2021 - Trent Dibell shares the precautions being taken to ensure a great summer at Camp CHOF, along with the great fun and sound Biblical teaching, plus how kids can sign up.

#174 - 03/02/2021 - The Book of Ruth, and how God can bring good things out of the difficult lives we face just as He did for Naomi, and why it's important to cling to God as Ruth did.

#175 - 03/092021 - Looking at light in the Bible, a word study focusing on various properties, what it does, and how it all connects to Jesus as Light of the World and how He helps us grow in Him.

#176 - 03/16/2021 - The Book of Esther. How God prepares us for such a time as this just as He did her, even when we don't see Him working, and how important it is to trust and follow Him now, just like then.

#177 - 3/23//2021 - Rich Schlu talks about future of health care, insurance, & Medicaid; his 10YO daughter Anna also appears

#178 - 3/30/2021 - Discussion of the Bill of Rights and the freedoms God gives us which are inalienable, not dependent on what a government says.

#179 - 4/6/2021 - Problems of cancel culture, one of the times Jesus' disciples went overboard wanting to "cancel" something to show Jesus' power (Luke 8:51-55), and the ultimate power of His Resurrection.

#180 - 4/13/2021 - Missions, importance of reaching the unreached on their level but sharing the absolute truth of the Gospel, which is the only thing that can free them from burdens of sin; focus on "Ee-taow: The Mouk Story" but many applications for today.

#181 - 4/20/2021 - Sal Varsalone and Becky Sexton join Mark to discuss the importance of using the Preserved Word of God and discerning the problems with counterfeits.

#182 - 4/27/2021 - First of 2 of Mark and Doug on money matters and planning for the future as Biblical concepts, with focus on how pros can help

#183 - 5/4/2021 - Second of 2 of Mark and Doug on money matters and planning for the future as Biblical concepts, with focus on how pros can help

#184 - 5/11/2021 - Discussion of Nephilim, giants, and fallen angels in the Old Testament and End Times, including Michael Heiser and others' videos on the subjects.

#185 - 5/18/2021 - Doug, Sal, and Becky discuss comparative verses in the King James versus other Bibles and why the kIng James is the Preserved Word of God, part of Becky's discernment ministry.

#193 - 7/13/2021 - More Jesus in OT, more Theophanies, more into life of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob

#194 - 7/20/2021 - Doug, Sal, and Becky discuss "whore of Babylon" in Revelation, connection to Zech. 5, and how laypeople are deceived, plus bit on what Great Deception might be like with warning on ecumenical things.

#195 - 7/27/2021 - Jesus in the life of Joseph in the OT, some discussion on prophecy and the many, many types we see of various things in Joseph's story, plus actions of his brothers

#196 - 8/3/2021 - Jesus in the story of Moses, plagues connected with Revelation, how God had a plan for Gentiles also and that Jewish people were to take the Gospel to them - and did through the Disciples, etc.

#197. 8/102021 - Mark, Doug, and James Christoffel with Vistra/Ambient Energy, a new sponsor, explaining basics of energy supply and his company and how they help people.

#198. 8/17/2021 - Jesus in rest of Old Testament, Joshua, Judges, Job, whole book of Daniel, plus numerous other verses.

#199 - 8/24/2021 - Summary of Jesus in Old Testament series, with focus then on Isaiah 52-53 as pointing wonderfully to Jesus and the sacrifice He would make for our sins, dying in our place and rising from the dead.

#200. 8/31/2021 - Doug, Sal, & Becky discuss more problems with idolatry in Catholic Church connected to what Becky and Sal experienced growing up in very staunch Catholic homes.

#201. 9/7/2021 - Very current events (taped today) on MIddle East woes,what the future holds for Israel as Russia, Turkey, and Iran draw closer together, potential trouble with Lebanon, and America's withdrawal from the scene so God can protect Israel Himself.

#202 - 9/14/2021 - Doug, Mark, James Christoffel again discussing James' business and common simple questions about how electricity is produced and supplied

#203. 9/21/2021 - Sal and Doug go verse by verse through the first part of Ephesians 4 as they discuss the fractures in the church & how we should be united in following God and His Word.

#204. 9/28/2021 - The need to focus on Europe, not China, Russia, etc., as center of world government, Antichrist, signs of world government, religion, etc. growing in these Last Days.

#205. 10/5/2021 - Iran in End Times focus as sources say they're ready to build a nuclear bomb; pros and cons of Israel striking or not and how either could fulfill Bible prophecy, which is perfect since it's God's Word.

#206. 10/12/2021 - Mark and Sal discuss Covid, the vaccine, and various End Times topics such as the Mark of the Beast, which the vaccine can't be yet because we 're not in the Tribulation, as the Rapture must come before the mark is required.

#207. 10/19/2021 - James Christoffel discusses energy savings and explains all about natural gas and heating bills.

#208. 10/26/2021 - Current events topic(s)

#209. 11/2/2021

#210. 11/9/2021 -

#211. 11/16/2021 - The problems of inflation, supply chain struggles leading to shortages, and other thigns impacting consumers.

#212. 11/23/2021 - James Cristoffel with ambient Energy talks about heating and the impact of rising prices on everyone.

#213. 11/30/2021 -

#214 - 12/7/2021 - HOw AI could become dangerous, even worshipped as a god; plus other current events topics.

#215. 12/14/2022 - Current events plus the need for Christian compassion in serving others, treating the poor as equals, etc.

#216. 12/21/2021 - James Cristoffel with ambient Energy talks about heating and the impact of rising prices on everyone.

#218. 12/28/2021 - Year in review plus Gospel presentation, discussion

#186 - 5/252021 - The problem of oppression, how God cares for the oppressed and expects us to help but the culture uses "oppressed" in a much different way, whereas everyone is equal before the cross, which is the most important thing.

#187 - 6/1/2021 - What the future holds for the MIddle East after major rocket attacks by Hamas, End Times discussion.

#188 - 6/8/2021- Why it's important to believe in God, why people should care there is a God. Focus on many areas, including how God is personal and each of us matters as individuals to Him.

#189 - 6/15/2021 - Major End Times discussion after new Israeli government forms, examining issues & significance of various End Times players, plus look ahead toIsaiah 17, Ez. 38 war,  Tribulation

#190 - 6/22/2021 - Doug and Sal interview Becky Sexton to talk about her conversion to Christ, what it was like growing up being forced to rely on works & not told about the Bible, plus how she began a house church just like anyone can.