Youthquake can help you build your resume and reputation as an independent contradcctor - and earn a bit of money

Snow Covered Car

In Ohio, it can do this

Even if it doesn't, things like these can give you great experience - and a bit of money.

Watercolor Paints
Fall Leaves

We'll help youth learn to be independent contractors - we won't hire them, but we will help them with referrals to jobs raking leaves, shoveling snow, and other things. Then, when our donors provide the money, we can help with paying them.

We also have face painting at our flea market (see our Flea Market paage) when available, where you can paint - or, as one of our youth says, "be a canvas" :-) - and through word of mouth try to encourage people to come to our booth, too.

We will even help any youth interested to learn how to start their own business doing thingsz like this.

NOTE: Due to insurance and other reasons, we don't help with anything involving machines (lawn mowers, etc.), only physical labor like shoveling, raking, carrying things, etc.