Youth Leaders Training Institute

YOU can give people hope. YOU can share God's simple, perfect plan of salvation with others.  Let us show you how.


Or, see below for contct info to see if there's a club in your school. If not, could you be led to start one?


God has a plan for you. As He told the prophet Jeremiah...

Jeremiah 1:5: "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee..."

How do we train you?


We'll teach you how to use Biblical truth to help people understand God's love. You can lead devotionals, lead in prayer, witness, and so on knowing God is the one who truly uses you for His purpose and glory.


You'll learn how to apply God's Word to different situations and become a key agent in the Lord's work as we try to bring about a repentance revival in this community - not through our owns trength but through the Lord using us.


When finished, you can be one of our unpaid staff members.But, that's just by a worldly measure. More importantly, you'll be earning Heavenly rewards.


What are the benefits?

There are others, but the most important is you can "Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven where moth and rust cannot corrupt, and thieves do not break forth and steal. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."(Matt.6:20-21)

But, there are others, too:

$200-500 college scholarship for books, etc.

1/2 camp sponsorship to Camp CHOF or some other Christian camp

You'll gain valuable leadership experience for your future.

It's great to mention on your resume that you were an unpaid staff member.

Colleges will look more at you with such extra activities.

Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here?

How do I find true love? How do i succeed in life? Why do we have rules? What is truth? With ao much changing, where can I find consistency? How can I make a difference? I've messed up, can I be forgiven? How do I fill the empty places in my heart?

Your friends have many questions. God can use YOU to show them the answers.

We each have a God-shaped, God-sized hole in our hearts that only Jesus can fill.


Youthquake bucks
(You can use points to buy from Youthquake store)

Older Division

Student                       Y.Q. Bucks

Wesley Browning             800
Christopher Noah            757

Robbie Greathouse         674

Kayzen Cope                   242

Franco Virola                   151

Hunter Wilson                  115

Alyssa Fowler                    75

Wyatt Wachtel                      700

Annabell Sexton                   650

Ava Castaneda              625    

Winston Wachtel            600

Quincy Batiste                550
Quintin Batiste               450

Carlo Virola                    425

Monique Virola               288

Kayzen Cope                 242

Angel Green                  170

Zebree Virola                 159

Kiayanna Haynes          103

Jahdi Pacheco                 90

Diamond Haynes             85

Phayzon Haynes             80

Melissa Green                 75

Inactive youth - please pray for each

Kevin McLendon    550

Lydia Adkins           510
Quentin Stone        413

Natalie                     353

Jacob Marks           277

Sean Gamble            270

Josh Lindeman       241

Kyle Stone             200

Kaleb                     185

Xavier                     155

Landon Lashley      155

Lillian Adkins          155

Natalya Gamble            145

Adrianna Marks          134

Kiki McLendon         125

Kyle Lindeman        120

Aden Marks                105
Mickey                     100

Hamione Collins          85
Cara                         85

Riley                         80
Claire                       78

Javon                          75
Demetrius                75

Carla                               50

Porcha                     50

Zander Collins          36

Mickey Westfall          35
Gigi                           34
Lyla Adkins              30

Bella                        27

Jamya                            25

Alexa Marks               25

Andrea's little girl     25

Livi                           25

Lolo                          25

Kiersten                   25

Chloe                       25

Courtney                  25

Jordan                     25

Mikayla                    25

Chris                        12
Shadaja                   -90

Monae                      -90

Younger Division

Pray for dedication, protection, Godly lives to be lived by these top active leaders/BELTs (Bible Education & Leadership Training)

(Schools without a person listed still need prayer. Do you know someone who can help?)

Active AND inactive students listed - because you might like to know who might be able to answer questions about God


Inactive in (parentheses)

*=attends elsewhere but reliable to help with questions about faith)


High Schools                           Active leader                               Comments

Canton McKinley                     Robbie                           Unspoken prayer needs

                                               Hunter, Angel                              YLTI


                                              (Kevin)                               Largest group of inactives


GlenOak High School


North Canton




Massillon Washington


Northwest                                           Please pray for potential leader!


North Canton Hoover




Middle Schools

Crenshaw                           Diamond, Kiayanna, Quintin, Melissa, Alyssa

STEAMMAcademy (Hartford)      (Adrianna)*


Early College Middle School


North Canton Middle School               Christopher




Various Elementary and Middle Schools

Youth who earned certificates for Bible Quizzing and Leadership in general, belt earhed as of July 21:

Cara, Mickey, Natalia, Quincy (White BELT) Quintin, Sean, Diamond (White BELT tag), Alexa, Franco, Kevin, Zebree Adrianna, Christopher (Yellow BELT) Hamione, Aden (Purple BELT), Robbie Purpose BELT tag)

Pray for dedication of numerous young people, that they would study the Word of God  and build a personal relationship with Jesus, including personal devotion time, and that they would commit to living their lives according to Godly principles, so they can change their community.


Points for Bible Quizzing

Name                          Games       Ave.       Rank       Total Points

Zebree                             2             40               1             80

Quintin                             1             40               1             40

Christopher                      2             20               3             40

Kevin                                2             20               3             40

Carlo                                1             20               3             20

Quincy                             1              20              3             20

Kayzen                             1             10              7            10

Alyssa                               1             10              7             10

Diamond                           1             10              7             10

Franco                              2               5             10             10

Soccer Stadium
Games teach sportsmanship, fair play, teamwork, etc.; from the games in our game room to board games, here are the standings for Youthquake individual competitions.

Air hockey          Ping pong        Chess          Chinese Checkers

Kevin          8-1          Kevin         2-0       Sean     1-0        Adrianna 1-0

Carlo           6-1          Sean         3-1       Quintin  0-1

Franco       3-1          Hamione    3-1

Adrianna    3-1           Adrianna    3-2

Zebree       5-5           Quintin       2-2

Quintin       3-3          Quincy       1-2

Sean           2-2          Franco       1-2

Christopher 1-4           Zebree       0-1

Quincy        1-3          Christopher 0-2

Robbie        0-1           Carlo           1-2

Alyssa         0-1

Kayzen        0-1

Phayzon      0-1

Aden           0-1


Ping pong volleys

Hunter-Sal      27

Colton-Xavier  26

Hamione-Sal   25

Jahdee-Sal      24

Adrianna-Sal   18

Zebree-Sal      12